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Danfoss Heating Systems

Danfoss Snow Mekting SystemsDanfoss ice and snow melting systems operate automatically. They detect areas that require snow melting and switch the heat on as is required. The area is kept free of ice and snow at all times, making snow shoveling or salting unnecessary, while at the same time preventing frost and salt damage. Danfoss thermostats and sensors ensure that only the very minimum of energy is used to achieve optimal results. Installation and operating costs of a Danfoss ice and snow melting system is modest when considering its many advantages such as not having to shovel and salt walkways, driveways, and parking areas. And you save on repairs and maintenance by preventing damage caused by ice, snow and salt. The Danfoss system can be used under surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, tiles (pavers), and most others. Among the many Danfoss ice and snow melting applications on ground are parking areas, driveways, walkways, outdoor steps, loading platforms and bridges.
Danfoss Floor HeatingSay goodbye to cold floors in the bathroom, kitchen or living room with Danfoss floor heating systems. The Danfoss LX Heating Mats and Cables can be installed to provide radiant heating throughout the house. The floor heating system is installed right beneath the new flooring, which means that the heate can be regulated quickly, without annoying delays. The thermostat will automatically register the temperature in the room, thus allowing it to be increased or decreased conventionally. The effects are immediate. With Danfoss LX Floor Heating Mats and Cables, one will get quick heating results, flexible installation and ultimate comfort!